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Hand Painting


 ◊ Design #: Medieval SD1

Custom Make Ceiling

 ◊ In the hotel restaurant

Round Ceiling

 ◊ In the hall
 ◊ Design #: C53018
 ◊ Size: 4ft diameter

Cove Ceiling

 ◊ In corridor
 ◊ Size: Free size

Diffuser Ceiling

 ◊ In the Kitchen
 ◊ Design #: C55009
 ◊ Size: 2 x 4ft

All our Ceiling Light Diffuser come with Hand made Art Inside, light passes thru like stained glass and it is nearly unbreakable.
Apply shaping Round or Cove Art Fiberglass ceiling in the hall or corridor as a decor.
> More Art ceiling & Light Diffuser.

Our Standard Size is 2ft x 4ft. Also can be 2ft x 2ft or above as you wish. We accept order with at least 1 meter square or above. It can be easily ship by courier.

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